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The accordion is not excatly indigenous in Japan, but the tango seems to be very popular... Most of the links below can also be found in other sections, e.g. jazz, French music, or tango.
  • Katou's Accordion Room, in Japanese and English, with a lot of information about the accordion in Japan, (!) including a page of portraits of the Japanese Accordionists on the WEB
  • Another Japanese page on the diatonic accordion, (in Japanese) by Kiyoshi Akasaka
  • Hiroshi Kawai from Tokyo created his site,, to share the joy of playing the accordion and to exchange information about the accordion. Amongst others it contains links to (Japanese) accordionists and bands, and descriptions of his trips to the Musikmesse Frankfurt. Hiroshi Kawai also sells and repairs accordions and bandoneons.

  • Japanese folk dancer, accordionist and bassist Takaaki Aoki (in Japanese)
  • Japanese tango orchestra Astrorico with Toshio Monna on bandoneon
  • Cheapers (in Japanese) is a Japanese blues band, with Kumiko on accordion.

  • Yasuhiro Kobayashi (COBA) (in Japanese) is probably the most famous accordionist from Japan. A blog for COBA. (in Japanese)
  • CYUBU Accordion Club (in Japanese) and accordion group "Rainbow Notes"
  • Hananoya is a traditional Japanese street band, whose leader Kei Inomata plays the accordion (and other members as well?)

  • Eiichi Ichikawa (in Japanese) / (in German) from Japan plays Steyrische accordion.
  • The Japan Accordion Association publishes a magazine "Accordionist". In 2005 they organised the Accordion Summer Festa 2005 in Tokyo on August 25 - 31; part of the festival was the 4th JAA International Accordion Competition.
  • Japanese musette(?) accordionist Tetsuya Kuwayama (in Japanese)

  • Yuki Makita (in Japanese) is a Japanese Chamame player. Another">Yuki Makita (in Japanese) page.
  • mama!milk is a duo from Japan consisting of Yuko Ikoma on accordion and Kohsuke Shimizu on bass. Their music has elements of jazz and musette. They've got a record out on NRP records
  • Norimich Nagasaka (in Japanese) is a Japanese accordionist who plays or played in trio Exile. He also seems to run his own record label.

  • Japanese jazz accordionist Yuichi Ohtsuka
  • Noboru Emori, one of the most famous accordionists in Japan, teaches at Ongaku Center (in Japanese) [Music center] in Tokyo (amongst others?). Both group lessons and indidual lessons are available.
  • Japanese jazz accordionist Yoshiaki Sato (in Japanese)

  • Maki Takiya's melodeon page. (in Japanese) Even if you can't read more than 'Hohner Erica', 'Castagniari Tommy', the pictures are worth viewing!
  • Tefu-Kin-Do (?) is a trio from Tokyo with Mitsuyo Sakamoto (in Japanese) on accordion, piano and keyboard. They play Jazz (Gipsy swing), Latin, Brazilian, Tango and Mussete.


  • The Hong Kong Accordion Troupe was set up in October 1983, to promote accordion music. It's programme includes vocal solo, chorus, dance and light music, with participation of local and overseas artists.