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  • A 1903 accordion catalogue (in French)
  • An extensive at, both in general and specifically for various countries
  • The Birth of the bandoneon, by Keith Elshaw. That page is part of, which focuses on the tango in Montréal and Toronto.

  • From a speech by Jimmy Carter: I don't think any photograph in the history of our nation has been so memorable as that as that of Graham Jackson playing the accordion with enormous tears running down his cheek as the body of our beloved President [FDR] passed by.
  • Concertina Library (!) a.k.a., edited by Robert Gaskins, contains an extensive collection of documents for the study of English, Anglo, and Duet concertinas: history, instruction books, sheet music, patents, technical papers, rare periodicals, and new research by many leading scholars. Contributing authors currently are Chris Algar, Allan Atlas, Margaret Birley, Barry Callaghan, Richard Carlin, Stephen Chambers, David Cornell, Roger Digby, Stuart Eydmann, Robert Gaskins, Randy Merris, Neil Wayne, Wes Williams and Dan Worrall.
  • A short history of the accordion, edited from: The History of the Accordion In New Zealand By Wallace Liggett at; from the abridged version of The Classical Squeezebox by Henry Doktorski at The Classical Free-Reed, Inc.:; and Vom Accordion zum Akkordeon - the Emanzipation eines Konzertinstruments of Ralf Kaupenjohann, Clark/Hakenberg (the latter also available in the original German)

  • A Brief history of the accordion by Gerard Dole
  • The book The Golden Age of the Accordion (by Ronald Flynn, Edwin Davison, and Edward Chavez) covers the early days of U.S. accordion history from the 1900's through the 1950's. And it does so pretty comprehensive.
  • On June 13, 1854 Anthony Foss from Philadelphia obtains Patent no. 11,062: Construction of Accordions.

  • Guerrini at the 1915 World's Fair in San Francisco, California
  • Mikhail I. Imhanitsky (in Russian) is professor of history of the bayan at the Gnessin Academy in Moscow. He is the author of more than 200 books and articles, amongst which История исполнительства на русских народных инструментах (History of the performance on Russian folk instruments, 2002), Музыка зарубежных композиторов для баяна и аккордеона. (Music by foreign composers for bayan and accordion, 2004) and История баянного и аккордеонного искусства (History of the art of the bayan and the accordion, 2006), all published by the Gnessin Academy.
  • You can search "American Library" (part of the Library of Congress) for 'accordion' or 'concertina'; amongs others, that turns up a photo of Leadbelly with a (one-row) accordion

  • The New Bedford Concertina Band anno 1913!
  • The Home of the Accordion by Prof. G. Pizzuto (from the Accordion Review, December 1950) is essentially a list of Italian accordion manufacturers/brands and where they are (were) based.
  • Origin and evolution of the accordion [in Spain] (in Spanish) by Javier Ramos starts with the general history of the accordion, and then concetrates on the history of the accordion in Spain, including manufacturers, performers, etc.

  • Seán Quinn wrote an article (first published in the November 2004 issue of the Comhaltas magazine Treoir) about Paolo Sprani, and on how the Paolo Soprani boxes became popular in Ireland.
  • Neil Wayne's history of Wheatstone concertina [the top few links below "Concertina History" don't work, but the links to the actual article below "the Wheatstone English Concertina" do] was published originally in the Journal of the Galpin Society. On Donald Nichols's site there is another copy of the History of Wheatstone concertina, this time in all in one.
  • The concertina was invented by Charles Wheatstone.

  • a chronology of the accordion, (in Dutch) from a poster in the Castelfidardo accordion museum, with additions by Leen Hoffman.