Compiled by Jeroen Nijhof.
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Links and webrings

Discussion groups and mailing lists


  • The blog of Accordeonman (in Dutch) seems to be dormant -- he posted 'accordionist of the week' articles from May 2004 to January 2005.
  •, (in Spanish) is a general site about the accordion, in Spain and beyond, with some history and concert announcements, reviews, etc.
  • Ancia Libera (in Italian) is the blog of Domenico, a.k.a. Uomomantice, dedicated to the accordion -- with fairly regular updates.

  • ANI.PAS' accordion blog, about her private collection of old/ rare instruments.
  • Ivan Armbsy has a blog about all kinds of free reed and keyboard instruments. He plays accordion semi-professionally for Catherine Feeny and less professionally with Ipswich, Suffolk based folk/country/etc. band Mike Summers and The Doons
  • Le bistrot des accordéons (in French)

  • The Cajun Squeezebox Blog with information, news, ideas, and tablatures for Cajun songs
  • (in Portuguese) is dedicated to Chamamé, as you'ld expect; it had MP3 downloads, biographies, articles, and even some videos. Currently it is 'in maintenance', but some information can still be found on the blog
  • Gary Chapin from Maine plays traditional French music, from the central regions of that country, on a two-row diatonic accordion.

  • Yasuhiro Kobayashi (COBA) (in Japanese) is probably the most famous accordionist from Japan. A blog for COBA. (in Japanese)
  • Danças Ocultas (in Portuguese) from Portugal is a "concertina" quartet (-- but concertina is Portuguese for diatonic accordion!), consisting of Artur Fernandes, Filipe Cal, Filipe Ricardo and Francisco Miguel. All are conservatory educated (but not in diatonic accordion). They play self-composed non-traditional music -- they play folk festivals because of their instruments, classical concerts because of their repertoire, and pop concerts because of their approach. The Danças Ocultas (in Portuguese) Weblog. A live recording of Danças Ocultas in Real Audio/MP3 format, part of Rootsworld's virtual Free Reed Festival. A review of their self-titled Danças Ocultas CD. Another Danças Ocultas page, at their Dutch agent's site. A myspace page for Danças Ocultas (in Portuguese)
  • The Adventures of AccordionGuy in the 21st Century is the blog of Joey deVilla from Toronto. He plays "Mostly pop and rock -- Nine Inch Nails, Fatboy Slim, AC/DC and a pretty mean Britney." His day job is programming; apparently he does use his accordion for presentations (but mainly for attracting women :-)

  • PAISANO Accordions is Tony Errico's blog (He's the musician on the CD that accompanies the Grandpa's Magical Accordion children's book). Amongst others his blog contains a series of posts about disassembling and repairing the bass mechanism of an accordion.
  • Blogger Fiona has taken up the accordion
  • Kris Hughes has taugh piano accordion in Edinburgh for over 20 years. On her blog you can ask questions about accordion technique etc. Kris is also happy to offer distance learning for those without a teacher = (for example video coaching).

  • Sylvie Jamet's accordion blog (in French) deals with all all kinds of accordion music -- classical, jazz, world music, musette, etc. It contains information about various workshops, festivals, concerts, etc, mostly in France but also abroad, as well as articles about pedagogy, musicians, orchestras, composers, etc.
  • learnaccordion is a blog by Thomas Fröjd about learning the accordion, with articles about how to get started, buying a second hand accordion, left hand technique, chord combining, etc.
  • Let's Polka is the blog of Anna and Chris Saccheri, who met through their mutual love of the accordion. They write about all things accordion, not just Polka -- any style as long as there's an accordion

  • Pancordia, the two-fisted accordion weblog, is a place for sharing accordion resources, information, ideas and enthusiasm.
  • squeezeblog (in Portuguese) is a blog (currently paused) about the accordion in Portugal.