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Waltzin' to Mongolia

Waltzin' to Mongolia is the name this tune has at sessions in the Irish pub in Groningen. This tune occurs prominently in Nikita Mikhalkov's Close to Eden (Urga). In the soundtrack it is listed as ``Les Collines de Mandchourie'', performed by Richard Galliano.

It was written by Ilya Alekseevitch Shatrov (in Russian) (1885-1952). He was a military band leader, who wrote the tune after the bloody battle of Mukden (Shenyang) in February 1905. He dedicated it to his fallen collegues (the original title was "The Mokshansk legion on the hills of Manchuria"), and words were added by C. Petrova (Skitaltsa), about the graves on the hills -- they can be found on the Shatrov page above. (thanks to Kerstin Bjorn for telling me that Shatrov was the composer)

`Waltzin' to Mongolia' is available in abc format, and in PostScript

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