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If you find new links, or links that have moved, or links that do not work anymore, please let me know. I try to keep the site as up to date as possible, but sites appear and disappear on a daily basis. So if a link does not work for you, or if you have suggestions on new links or on how we can improve the layout, I would like to hear from you!

I'll even try to answer any questions you have. Well, most of them, and it might take a while. And unfortunately, I don't know everything about accordions.

Two questions come up so often, that I have got pages that answer them as best as I can:

  • I found or inherited this accordion, can you tell me its value? See What's it worth?.
  • Can you teach me how to play the accordion? Get a teacher, if at all possible, or see How to play?.

If you are looking for the address of a shop or a teacher, etc., try the Accordion Yellow Pages. You will probably find one there.


As far as the accordion is concerned, I am strictly an amateur. I started playing rather late, in 1993, when I was 25. In fact I was subscribed to the accordion mailing list even before I started playing. These accordion links pages is really just a bookmark file that got out of hand.

Since October 2010 I live in Genoa, Italy, after some 10 years in Stratford-upon-Avon, UK (birthplace of of Shakespeare!). I work for Ericsson (formerly Marconi), on (ultra-) long-haul optical telecommunications (the physical layer for internet backbones, really). Before that, I was post-doc at Aston University, Birmingham, UK. And before that I did a PhD in Groningen, the Netherlands, in theoretical optics. I learned to play the accordion when I lived there, at the Stedelijke Muziekschool Groningen.

I suffer from the usual problem: I play a bit of everything, but nothing really well. My main interest is folk music: English, Klezmer, balkan, cajun, you name it, as long as there is an accordion involved.

My accordions

A picture of me and my Parrot I currently have 6 accordions:
  • A Hero cajun button accordion, with 2 basses and 7 buttons
  • An 8 bass Golden Cup piano accordion. It is also sold under the name Hero
  • An East-German two-row buttonbox (C/F), similar to the Hohner Pokerwork (Goudbrand in Dutch). I can't really play this one, I focus on the piano accordion instead.
  • A red mother-of-toilet-seat (MOTS) 32 bass Hohner Student piano accordion
  • An 80 bass Parrot piano accordion, see picture
  • A Hohner Morino VI N. That is an accordion with an MIII-manual, i.e. free basses, between the bellows and the normal basses. 185 bass buttons in total. On the right it has 45 keys, and 5 voices (11 registers). So it is pretty heavy!