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Other or Unknown

including Music Theatre
  • The accordion does make Anna Bruce a.k.a. luna happy. She has recorded a few tunes in MP3 format.
  • The band of Circus Contraption from Seattle includes Gregg Dare on accordion, guitar, banjo, and vocals.
  • On "Desert Island Discs", Irish businessman and writer Bill Cullen chose an accordion as his luxury item

  • Faithe Deffner is a past president of the American Accordionists' Association, and the owner of Pancordion Inc, Titano Accordion Company and Ernest Deffner Publications.
  • Dutch politician Daphne Dertien (in Dutch) (leader of Groen Links, the Green Party, in the Overijssel assembly) enjoys playing the accordion
  • Austrian Olympic skier Stefan Eberharter enjoys playing the accordion

  • Ensemble Bizou from San Francisco, with Dave Miotke on accordion and vocals, plays music from 1930s European cabaret, and tango, jazz and continental music. A Cotati Fest page about Ensemble Bizou
  • Blogger Fiona has taken up the accordion
  • The Gospel accordion to women, a feminist accordion band from San Francisco

  • Yvonne van der Haar (in Dutch) from Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, plays accordion as a hobby - she plays in accordion orchestra Kunst na Arbeid from Epe, and in a band.
  • Pastor Lloyd R. Kittlaus of the University Lutheran Church at Northwestern plays the accordion
  • Cambodian Daran Kravanh credits his survival under the Kmer Rouge to his ability to play the accordion. His story is recorded in the book "Music Through the Dark: A Tale of Survival in Cambodia," written by Bree Lafreniere.

  • Pasi Lepola plays accordion in the ballroom dance orchestra Pohojanmaan Poikamiehet (in Finnish)
  • Architect Daniel Libeskind learned to play the accordion as a child -- his parents couldn't afford a piano.
  • The web page of Mahir has led to Mahir mania and a Mahir Çağrı Wikipedia entry

  • Barry Manilow could play the accordion by the time he was seven years old
  • Holda Paoletti-Kampl does not play the accordion, but she is European Manager for Accordions Worldwide.
  • Rhythm Activism, the Montréal-based "rock 'n roll cabaret", with Sylvain Côté on guitars and accordion

  • Rosin Coven with Carri Abrahms alias Elya Zeker on vocals and accordion is "San Francisco's Premiere Pagan Lounge Ensemble" --- I suspect they don't have much competition for that title. Their music is a blend of classical strings, big-band swing, trabal dance, theatrical cabaret and more. Amongst others, they've played at the Burning Man festival.
  • Moshe Rubin from Jerusalem, Israel, plays the English concertina
  • Samt und Sonders (in German) is a female jazz choir, from Germany, accompanied by amongst others accordion - which is played by musical director Angela Kolm-Lengenfelder.

  • Music group STICKS from the Netherlands, with Karin Koster on accordion, makes metatonal contempary music/art (whatever that may be)
  • The Air Force Strings, (formerly the Strolling Strings) is an elite unit of The United States Air Force Band, Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C, who frequently perform at the White House. It includes Tech. Sgt. Frank Busso on accordion (previously Lou Coppola).
  • The Swinging Erudites from Boston with originally Cleve Dunkin on accordion, later replaced by Sandee Beach, was a very absurd novelty/parody band

  • Judy Tenuta is an accordion-squeezing comedienne, and self-proclaimed "multi-media Bondage Goddess".
  • The Tiger Lillies from London, "The Criminal Castrati's Anarchic Brechtian Blues Trio", fronted by Martyn Jacques (falsetto and accordion); "Tom Waits on Helium".
  • former Illionois State Treasurer Judy Baar Topinka is a keen accordionist.

  • The United States Army Band "Persing's Own" is led by accordionist Manny Bobenrieth.
  • Lynn Weaver plays a Hohner accordion.
  • Layle Willis plays a midi accordion

  • Sideclei Sadi Zanella (in Portuguese) from Brazil

Music Theatre

Listed by Country:
Canada | Denmark | France | Germany | Greece | The Netherlands | Switzerland | USA
  • Caravan is an experimental Canadian professional theatre group that tours and performs on a 30 meter Tall Ship. For their fifth European Water Tour, which runs from June 10 to September 14, they have got an accordionist on board. The tour will visit western Greece, Albania, Montenegro and southern Croatia.


  • The Cirque du Soleil is a modern circus / theatre. For at least one of their shows the music is described as "accordion-heavy"; hardly surprising, given that founding president Guy Laliberté is an accordion player (and stiltwalker and fire-eater...). A Forbes article about Guy Laliberté -- he is rich :-). A Wikipedia entry for Guy Laliberté


  • Danish accordionist Adam Ørvad studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Music with James Crabb and Geir Draugsvol. He does not limit himself to classical music: amongst others he plays contemporary classical music, music theatre, Balkan music, musette and folk-rock.


  • After 15 years of playing classical guitar, Laure Chailloux started playing the diatonic accordion in 1986. In 2004 she became a full time musician. Her music has influences of baroque, repetitive and minimalist music, musette, rock'n'roll, and traditional music. Many of her programmes are theatrical; for instance in "Petites Histoires en Accordéon" she plays in a hut in parks, and the project "Itinéraires sonores" is adapted to the surroundings each time -- museums, industrial waste lands, gardens, etc. She also performs with various theatre groups. Besides, she plays in a duo with diatonic accordionist Didier Demarq.
  • Alexandre Leauthaud plays accordion in in musical theatre company La Troupe Du Phénix (in French) and in a band that followed from that, Les Fouteurs de Joie. (in French) [Flash site] That repertoire of that band consists of self-composed chansons.


  • German Cabaret comedian Andreas Rebers studied accordion with Thomas Aßmus from 1984 to 1988, and afterwards became the musical director of the Braunschweig State Theatre. Since 1991 he is a cabaret performer, both solo and between 1997 and 1999 as a member of the "Münchner Lach- und Schießgesellschaft". He has won various prizes, amongst which in 2007 what is probably the most important German cabaret prize: the "Deutscher Kleinkunstpreis".


  • Composer, arranger, accordion and qanoun player Kostas Vomvolos from Greece has composed music for over 80 theater plays for groups in Greece, the UK and Ireland. In 1994 he founded group "Primavera en Salonico" with singer Savina Yannatou. He was a member of ethnic jazz trio "Wutu wupatou", and in 2005 formed new music oriented trio Tabako.

The Netherlands

  • Otine van Erp (in Dutch) studied at the Brabants Conservatorium under Ronald van Overbruggen, and followed master classes with Friedrich Lips, Wjatcheslaw Semjonow, Mogens Ellegaard, Mie Miki, Stefan Hussong, Joseph Macerollo, and others. She does many solo concerts, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Besides, she is regularly involved in theatre and dance productions. She plays music by amongst others Gershwin, Gubaidulina and Piazzolla with duo 2Track, with saxophone player Steven Stustek; folk and world music in POVA; and a children programme "The Chinese Nightingale" with Venster.
  • Irena Filippova (in Dutch) hails from Saratov, in Russia, and studied at the Conservatory in Rostov aan de Don. After winning a prize in Klingenthal in 1998 she was invited to the Royal Conservatory in the Hague, the Netherlands, where she has studied with Friedrich Lips, Johan de With and Margrit Kern. In 2001 she wrote a theatre program, with Hans Visser (the former Flairck guitarist), about the russian folk singer Vladimir Vyssotsky. and currently she performs every week in diner show Novomundo. Her repertoire also includes musette, tango, and Russian music.
  • Mart Heijmans and Mark Söhngen (the latter on accordion) have been giving school concerts for over 25 years. Currently they do so under the moniker Kruis en Mol (in Dutch)

  • Eric de Reijer (in Dutch) from Utrecht, the Netherlands, plays French musette, Italian film music and Dutch repertoire. He is also involved in acrobatics theatre and children's theatre, and he he teaches adults, both beginners and advanced.
  • Rood Verlangen (in Dutch) is a music theatre company founded by accordionist Nico-Jan Beckers and clarinet player Auke Reuvers. Together with guest players they present anonymous folk stories, embedded in music of famous composers.
  • Nelleke Verhoef (in Dutch) from the Netherlands made various street and youth theatre productions, amongst which Bakfietsfanfare, (in Dutch) which combines a percussian carrier cycle with accordion, and fairy tale Wonderwijs (in Dutch)


  • Luzian Jenny (in German) from Bern, Switzerland "sweet and sour dance music for dreaming" in a duo with saxophonist Monica Staehelin, and "Chamber-Folk-Jazz" in trio Walther-Gubler-Jenny. He has also been involved in various street music and music theatre groups.


  • Marchette Dubois from Seattle, Washington plays accordion in Romanian band Sub Masa, in Operatic Burlesque troupe operadisiac and in accordion quartet Hell's Bellows. The other members of the latter are Amy Denio, Eli Kaufman and Scott Adams.
  • Singer/songwriter/accordionist Rachelle Garniez formed her own band, The Fortunate Few, in 1996. Her compositions reflect influences ranging from the Blues, Continental and Klezmer to Latin Jazz and Country/Western. She also has worked in theater.
  • 99 Eyes Authentic Freakshow from San Francisco with music by That Damned band fronted by Dylan M. Blackthorne on accordion. They play a repertoire of original dark carnival and circus music, and traditional music from around the world.