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Golden Cup (Operating Instructions for the Golden Cup Midget Accordion)


  • At the Cafe Trieste in North Beach, San Francisco, there are concerts every Saturday morning, more often than not with accordionists -- amongst others by Fabio Giotta and Sheri Mignano.
  • Herondell Bed and Breakfast (in Powell River, B.C., Canada) offers a large commons room with two pianos, a harpsichord and two accordions, waiting for the wandering musician.
  • Frank Sterle's Slovenian Country House is a Slovenian restaurant in Cleveland, Ohio, which features accordion bands and polka music throughout the year.

  • Raúl De Luca is possibly the southernmost accordion player in the world -- with his wife he runs a B&B in Ushuaia, in the Tierra del Fuega province of Argentina. That B&B is aptly named "Tango B&B": he teaches intensive courses accordion tango lessons and the Argentine music. Given the remote location, courses are combined with lodging, of course.
  • Helmi Harrington's World of Accordions Museum is now located in Superior, Wisconsin: the previous location in Duluth was getting too small. In addition to about 1,000 accordions, the collection includes hundreds of thousands of music manuscripts, as well as many books and works of art that relate to accordions. The museum also regularly hosts concerts.


  • Assistance Point is an initiative to assist accordion business people doing business in Castelfidardo, set up by lawyer Avv. Giovanni Ballone Burini.
  • Search the USPTO patent database for patents in class 84/376 (Music / Wind is supplied by a hand-operated bellows and the reeds are controlled by valves and keys. Some forms are called "concertinas".)
  • The Post Office is a one-act play by Stacey Levine, with music by Lori Goldston, and Kyle Hanson on accordion

  • Entering into Turkey, customs regulations allow: harmonica, mandolin, flageole, flute, guitar and accordion (only one of each type, maximum three musical instruments)
  • Things done on a unicycle include: On the open-stage at the 19th European Juggling Association Festival, in Grenoble, France, 1996, Peter Weiss played the piano-accordion while one-foot idling a six-foot giraffe, and balancing a broom on his other foot.
  • Windows NT freeware button accordion (22KB .zip file) is a fairly silly program for Windows NT that simply puts up a window with 2 octaves worth of push buttons, marked "C .... c ....". You press the buttons and it makes a tone through the PC speaker. Pretty low tech and not at all graphical (thanks to Bruce Rosen's roommate Kevin for trying this out).

  • Dirk Wolters has developed a professional accordion tuner program for PCs or laptops with a soundcard and microphone, with which it is possible to measure the frequency of two or three voices at the same time.