Compiled by Jeroen Nijhof.
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More Local Tunes

Back in the Netherlands, on Monday evenings I used to play in a folk ensemble at the local music school. About half of our repertoire was taken from the "Beeraak", a book published by Nevofoon. The other half we got as photocopies of handwritten sheets. So I have notated some of those using Chris Walshaw's abc format, in the file If you don't have any utils to handle that, then contains the same tunes in a postscript file. In case you can read neither, I've translated the postscript file to a PDF file, maandag.pdf, which you can read and print with Adobe Acrobat Reader (downloadable for free). The result does not look perfect on my screen, but printing seems to be ok.

The tunes are: Bravade, `Od koga' pravo, Jesusita en Chihuahua, En Bolivia el carnaval, Sirdes, a Cajun Two Step, Kopanitsa, Walenki and Janiman Kavrakh, Three Irish polkas, Cînd eram pe ialomita, Waltzin' to Mongolia, the Ranger's Waltz, Mologhata and a Swedish polka. Not included is Lady of Spain. See also the list of links to tunes elsewhere